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External joint suction arm is suitable for sucking large amount offume, vapor or non-explosive dust. The typical application workplace is metal processing and other industrial workplace where large amount exhaust treatment is required. 

The external joint suction arm can be applied to welding generates a lot of flying sparkles, laser or manual plasma cutting, metal spraying, grinding, or other processing that require mobile suction with excellent arm balance and easy positioning.


Persistent tightness

Arm keeps position due to self-supporting design

Fast operation due to particularly flexible adjustment

User-friendly due to particularly smooth movement of the hood with one hand

Various options to connect the exhaust arms to fans, stationary devices or via duct work to central extraction and filtration systems


Welding training center case 

Suction arm with 2m extension rod
2m Suction arm case

    Type & Specification    

     External Suction Arm     

          Extension Rod          

    Overlay External Suction Arm    

Arm Length

Hose Diameter

Rod Length

Hose Diameter & Length

2 m


1/1.5/2 m

160mm, 1+2 m

3 m


2.5/3/4 m

160mm, 1+3 m